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Your Jacksonville Chiropractor,

Dr. Zack Stalnaker and Staff at Popwell & Stalnaker Chiropractic Center

Stephanie, Jacksonville, FL


“So Aiden came to tell me today that he wanted to write a letter to Dr.Zack Stalnaker (his chiropractor). Here it is: It says “Dr. Zack, Thank U 4 helping me breathe. “Aiden”
These few words that he wrote have such a huge meaning! Aiden has had asthma since the age of 2yrs old, it turned into severe asthma and he was on treatments/steroids 2-3x a day. It broke my heart to give him these, he said the treatments made his heart beat fast & made him feel “weird.” I tried everything to help decrease his allergies, we’ve been to doctors, specialists & they just wanted to try different medications. A few months ago, I hurt my neck and a mom at Aiden’s school recommended Dr. Zack Stalnaker. A few visits in he heard Aiden wheezing & asked if he had asthma, I told him the story and that same day Aiden got adjusted. Within a week I took Aiden off both breathing treatments & within 2 weeks he was off his allergy medicine. Aiden has now been free of those things for close to 2 months now! We couldn’t thank Dr. Zack & his wife enough for opening our eyes to a more natural way of helping Aiden. Even Aiden, age 5yrs, can tell you how much he loves going to the “back doctor.” If you have a child with asthma, living in Jax or not please consider this option!


Cameron, Jacksonville, FL

I have to admit that I was very skeptical when I was first approached with the idea of chiropractic therapy. After visiting Dr. Zack Stalnaker, all of my notions and misconceptions of chiropractors and chiropractic care were quickly put to rest as I was greeted with friendly faces and an informative doctor. Dr. Stalnaker really knows his profession and has done wonders for not only my back, but also my overall health. I first came to Dr. Stalnaker with complaints of lower back discomfort and a poor ability to move around with a full range of motion. After several treatments, the discomfort in my back was completely gone and my body was feeling great.


“Wow, this is what it must feel like to have a well-tuned body!” is what I remember thinking to myself one day as I was leaving the office after an adjustment.

I have a great feeling back and body, now that my treatments have come to a conclusion. I have began the maintenance phase of care and I’m proud to say that I experience greater ranges of motion with comfort, thanks to the great doctor and staff. To say I am satisfied with my treatment would be an understatement, because I got much more than I bargained for. Not only did I get my back pain and discomfort eliminated from my daily life, but I also benefited from having my blood pressure reduced to such a point that I no longer had to take my hypertension medication (something I have taken since I was 13 or 14 years old.)

Honestly, words cannot do justice in explaining what a pleasure it was to be treated by Dr. Stalnaker. I couldn’t have asked for better care or better results and I would strongly recommend Jacksonville Chiropractic Medicine and P.T. to anyone and everyone.

15 Reviews from STIK:

Ceceilia L.
Dr Zack has got to be the best Dr. I know.. He is very passionate about what he does and you can learn something from him every time you see him. He genuinely cares about his patients which is a quality that a lot of doctors don’t have. (This is coming from someone who was completely “anit-chiro” a few years ago lol) I recommend Dr. Zack to anyone I know, and will even drive from across town just to know I am getting the best care for my family.

Christy W.
Dr. Zack is a professional who is passionate about wellness in a real way. He talks the talk while walking the walk encouraging others along the way. His positive attitude and smile is contagious.

Cameron P.
Dr. Stalnaker is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. He genuinely invests interest in all of his patients and takes time to really know them and what is ailing them. He is ambitious, dedicated and well mannered. He always has a friendly smile and always finds a way to brighten up your day. If more doctors were like Dr. Zack then the health care industry would be a better place.

Ellan D.
Hi Doc! the MRI rep came in today and said what great care she got in your office and that she was so happy that you introduced her to Mila. SHINE ON! Dr Duke

Josh R.
Dr. Zack Has a real passion for what he does. By far, the best in town!

Rob C.
Dr. Zack Stalnaker truly practices what he preaches both inside and outside the office. His passion and knowledge helped me to change my mind about chiropractic medicine. Thanks again, Zack!

Candice D.
Dr. Zack keeps up to date on the latest interventions to help you maintain a healthy body. With just one visit to Jacksonville Chiropractic and P.T and you can see that Dr Zack loves what he does and wants to share his knowledge with his patients. Dr. Zack will exceed your expectations in Chiropractic care!

Stephanie K.
We couldn’t thank Dr. Zack enough! Our little guy has been off his asthma meds now since May 2011, all because of Zack! We have 2 little boys, 5 and 2yrs and they both get adjusted weekly!

Scott L.
Dr. Zack, you the man! Good luck to you.

Heather C.
Dr. Zack is very passionate about his work and patients! Because of this passion and true belief in what he does, he and his family have completely modeled their lifestyle around what the mission of chiropractics is and are actively working to share this lifestyle with everyone they can so we can all feel and be as healthy as possible.

Andrew H.
Dr. Zack is an amazing Chiropractor who carefully listens to his patients and treats them with care. He takes the time with his patients.

Joyce K.
He is taking great care of my grandsons and they love going to him.